A Self-Care Gift Guide for the New Year


The New Year has officially arrived and with it comes the chance for renewal and change, the opportunity to make small and significant shifts to our lives that can help us on the journey to self discovery and holistic living. And because our ultimate goal is to encourage you in that journey, we asked a few of our retailers to give us their top OBC picks for self-care in the new year. Here’s to putting yourself first, giving yourself space for self-care and loving 2017!

A 2017 Self-Care Gift Guide From Green Beauty Experts

Who: Merlyn Ellis, co-founder of Shop Conscious Beauty

What: Zesty Morning Organic Body Butter

Why: “My New Year’s mantra is all about embracing the early morning hours and starting my day off with energizing Zesty Morning Body Butter. As a mother to a one year old, I find myself up earlier than I would like, hanging onto every last moment in my pj’s, with a caffeine drip. I’ll be slathering myself in this ultra moisturizing body butter through the remainder of winter while enjoying the aromatherapy benefits of citrus to wake me up.”

Who: Tara Foley, founder of Follain

What: Stress Less Organic Body Butter

Why: “Obsessed with the MINI Stress Less Drenched Body Butter. It’s the perfect size for traveling… and I literally have one in every bag this time of year. The high quality, whipped butters and lavender oil make it smell and feel so delicious—something I need, for small moments of self-care throughout the day. Every day!”

Who: Charlene Crawford Swanson, founder of EcoDiva Beauty

What: Nourish Night Balm

Why: “Frigid temps and dry, indoor heating can easily cause dull, flaky skin, and in the winter, an oil or a serum is not enough to keep my skin happy and glowing. I consider using the Nourish Night Balm on top of my face serum a ritual for self-care, as I spend extra time massaging it in before bed. Add in a glass of wine and a luxurious bath, and I say, bring on the new year!”

Thanks for sharing, ladies! What can you do in the new year to take care of yourself and ensure a fabulous 2017?

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