How to Use Nourish Night Balm As An After-Sun Soother


I’m already guilty of it: Spending too much time in the sun without enough sunblock. On Memorial Day weekend, I got so wrapped up in the good weather that I completely forgot to reapply my natural sunscreen and BAM. I got pink.

By now, we know that sunburn causes issues beyond topical discomfort, redness and possible peeling (yikes). The damaging effects of ultra-violet rays can actually harm your cells even after you’ve made for the shade, says recent research by Yale University cancer researchers. So, whether or not you’ve gotten a sunburn or your skin is irritated by too much sun, your skin could still be feeling the heat.

Can we combat this sun exposure? Healthy beauty says yes! Plant-based oils that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories may play a significant role in helping skin repair itself and undo sun damage. Skin-cooling and extra-moisturizing ingredients can also relieve pain from burns and help skin calm in the hours after sun exposure.

That’s why I’ve been reaching for Nourish Night Balm as a calming after-sun treatment. The potent, decadent face balm isn’t just for combating winter dryness: Its unique combo of plant oils and butters can actually help your skin repair itself post-sun. Organic shea and mango butters hydrate as organic jojoba helps to replenish and balance skin that might be ready to over-produce oil from the dryness that sun-scorched skin can exhibit. Organic rosehip oil, high in essential fatty acids, calms skin with anti-inflammatory properties, and helps reduce the redness that can come from too much sun. It also is a powerful healer, and can help speed up recovery time, and possibly inhibit peeling. Tamanu oil, a rich, emollient oil, curbs scar tissue formation and can help prevent dark spots from appearing.

The buttery balm may seem like too much hydration for summer skin, but my body drinks it up, especially when I apply it to my damp skin. Here’s the easiest way to utilize the balm for the most effective, and luxurious after-sun treatment:

  1. Rinse off in the shower to get rid of the grime, salt, sunscreen and more that can accumulate from being outdoors, but don’t exfoliate. Skin is already hyper-sensitive and at alert, and exfoliating can cause more harm than good here.
  2. Lightly (very lightly!) dry yourself with a fluffy towel, leaving skin a little damp.
  3. Using liquid aloe (with no preservatives or additives!), gently spray or press into skin.
  4. While aloe is still damp, scoop a small portion of Nourish out of the jar and melt in hands.
  5. Gently press Nourish into body skin, letting the dampness help it absorb.
  6. Let skin dry completely before putting on clothing.
  7. Repeat as often as necessary (just use the aloe, and skip the shower) to see the most benefits and to curb sun damage.

Easy, right? What other after-sun tricks do you use during the summer?

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