How Green Beauty Experts Use OBC For Self-Care

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got our moms on the brain. And to us, moms come in all shapes, forms and connections—but the thing they have in common is that they help shape us, our lives and our patterns. And what better pattern to adopt than one of self-care? So,  we asked a few of our favorite green beauty experts and Organic Bath Co. retailers (and mothers or moms-to-be themselves!): What Organic Bath Co. products help you tune into YOU?


“My showers and self care routine have changed since having a baby in February.  I’ve found it’s now more important than ever to find multitasking products that cut a few extra steps from my morning routine, and get me out the door on time. Organic Bath Co. offers a creative range of scents in their body care products, for me, there is nothing quite like the RefreshMINT to give me energy to start my day. I use the OBC Sugar Scrub in the shower to gently cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize my skin allowing me to skip shaving cream as well as moisturizer.” —Merlyn Ellis, Conscious Beauty


“During my third trimester, the dry, itchy skin struggle has been real! I used to know my skin, but it’s been all over the place these days, and extremely dry the past few weeks. I’ve been reaching for my favorite OBC product—Stress Less Organic Body Butter—all day every day. The soothing lavender scent (my personal favorite) helps me unwind, and the rich effective formula has been a savior for my dry, itchy skin.” —Tara Foley, Follain


“As a busy mama and business owner, I cherish me time.  A hot bath with OBC Stress Less Body Scrub tops my list of favorite self (or sanity) care activities.  I love the smell and how smooth my skin feels after from the exfoliation and the organic oils. The lavender takes me to a place of relaxation, instantly and is a welcome break at the end of a long day.” —Chelly Herren, Conscious Beauty

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