5 Ways Healthy Beauty is Better for the Environment


The importance of Earth Day cannot be denied: We’re at a crucial time in history to make some significant changes as a society, as a country and as a world, or the planet we now call home won’t exist in the way we’re used to in just a few generations. But what about the rest of the 364 days of the year?

One pretty easy way to take care of the planet on multiple levels is to make the switch to natural, healthy beauty. Those toxic, chemical-laden products from conventional brands don’t just interact negatively with your body and cause disruptions to your personal health—they can also impact the environment in a negative way. So how is natural beauty better for the planet? In at least five ways:

  1. Earth-friendly ingredients. Products made with plants, plant parts, nut butters, oils and essential oils are better for the environment because they are naturally occurring and putting them back into our ecosystem is far less toxic than rinsing sulfates, parabens, petroleum and detergents down the drain. Products made with clean, safe ingredients don’t disrupt our waterways, kill vegetation and harm wildlife like many conventional products can. Certified organic ingredients (like OBC’s) don’t contain harmful pesticides and GMOs that can wreak havoc on the environment (and your body).
  2. Sustainable packaging. If a company is claiming to be safer for you to use, they are also usually concerned about their packaging and how it will break down once you’ve scooped the last bit of lotion or oil out of it. Healthy beauty companies are generally more aware of what kind of environmental impact they’re having and therefore pay attention to what packaging they’re using. Recycled plastics, reusable glass jars, biodegradable boxes… these are just a few examples of smart, sustainable packaging from environmentally friendly brands. Check the labels and websites of cleaner brands for more info.
  3. Fair trade and sustainable ingredients. This is a HUGE one: Ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced are often the best ingredients—and theses are the ingredients that healthy beauty companies are using. At OBC, we support Fair Trade USA, which works to ensure fair pricing and trade on ingredients, fair working conditions for laborers, community development and more. This is just one way beauty companies can guarantee sustainable ingredients too—they’re often giving back to charities and organizations whose mission it is to preserve the planet, while also sourcing from places, farms and communities where the earth is taken care of and renewed.
  4. Improved consumerism. By buying healthy, nontoxic beauty and personal care products, you’re making a difference with your dollars. Every time you spend your money, you’re casting a vote for how you want the world to operate. If you want to live in a world that is preserved, celebrated and honored daily, choosing healthy beauty and clean beauty companies and products is a step in that direction. You can make a difference with every purchase.
  5. Healthier YOU. Taking care of yourself is step one in making the world a better place. When you choose healthy beauty and you see the impact it can have on your skin, your body and your spirit, you’ll be inspired to tell your friends and family about your discovery and to spread the healthy beauty gospel. They’ll vote with their dollars and we’ll eventually live in a world where sustainability and protecting the planet are the norm, instead of an afterthought. And that’s just on top of the kindness, love and generosity you’ll be inspired to spread because you’re taking care of yourself, filling yourself up and becoming a happier, healthier you.

So, celebrate Earth Day with us this week, but remember that you can help the planet every day with your healthy beauty choices.


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