Ingredient Spotlight: Tamanu Oil


We’ve talked about some great plant-based oils in our Ingredient Spotlight series and to be honest, we could kind of go on forever because there are so many incredible, natural oils that do amazing things for skin. One that you might have heard less hype about is tamanu oil, a darker oil with a slightly greenish hue…

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Top Five Things I Do For Self-Care

Tips for Self Care

At Organic Bath Co., we’ve declared 2016 the #yearofselfcare. No, we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon of #selfcareSunday and other like-minded hashtags—we really mean it. We mean that we’re going to take this year to listen to our bodies, to hear what our emotions are trying to tell us, and to slow down so that…

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Ingredient Spotlight: Mango Butter


Natural, healthy skincare has been all about plant-based oils for the last few years. We’ve finally gotten to the point where traditional, mainstream brands are advocating for their use, instead of scaring off consumers with threats that luscious, oil-based products will cause blemishes and irritated skin. But what about plant-based butters? Made from the same…

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DIY Beauty: Pumpkin Spice Face Mask

Pumpkin Face Mask

Once fall rolls around, coffee shops as far as the eye can see (and beyond), pull out that seasonal favorite, the one my best friend asks for well into January, knowing that sometimes secret stock is left over from the fall holidays: the pumpkin spice latte (or pumpkin chai, if you’re not a coffee drinker). But…

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OBC Eats: Greek Inspired Cuisine


Lunch today for OBC Eats was inspired by beautiful Greek cuisine. Known for their unique and delicious Mediterranean dishes, I decided to put together a traditional Greek lunch consisting of falafel, pita bread, hummus, olives, grape leaves and tabouli. The style of this plate is to have a variety of multiple types of foods to…

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OBC Eats: Beet & Pecan Salad


You may be stuck with purple stained hands for a day, but preparing and eating beets are well worth it. Beets give off a vibrant, deep purple color and they are brimming with nutrients and chock full of fiber. Beets don’t have to be eaten plain; their flavor can be brought out even more when…

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